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SWISS Hosts: How it all began…

When the hospitality industry meets wanderlust: this can only be enjoyable

With this platform we want to connect camping with specialties, shopping and unique people from the region. In addition, the concept provides an innovative source of income for landscape farms, winegrowers and regional producers.

Ivonne – one of the two SWISS Hosts founders – is fascinated by the “van-life” and the feeling of freedom that this lifestyle conveys. That’s why she follows “van nomads” on her social channels when she’s not on the road herself (or when a global pandemic knocks the wind out of her sails).

An American Van Life couple and their videos have it particularly done to her. She has noticed that they often end up with their camper on unique pitches. The pair regularly come up with impressive scenes of Harvest Hosts pitches – the American SWISS Hosts equivalent.

The pictures made a deep impression on Ivonne and inspired her so much that she made it her business to set up this camping idea in Switzerland.

From now on, motorhome overnight accommodation in Switzerland is no longer just a pipe dream, but possible for every motorhome holidaymaker.