How it works - SWISS Hosts

How it works

Als potenzieller SWISS Host erfahren Sie hier alles zu den Aufnahmebedingungen und Erwartungen.

Admission requirements: What conditions do our hosts (hostesses) have to meet?

  • ✓ You are a Swiss producer or a restaurant with your own product or service.
  • ✓ You can provide one or more mobile home pitches without infrastructure on your property for 24 hours
  • You want to increase the sale of your regional products, specialities or similar “ex farm” and profit from recommendations.

As a Swiss producer or restaurant, all you have to do is make a motorhome parking space on your property available to one to three motorhomes for a maximum of 24 hours.
Provide. Whether gravel, grass or tarred – it does not matter. And as long as you are hosting your guests under 24 hours, you are not a campground. Therefore, you must
do not meet any such requirements, so your usual business or liability insurance will also cover your guests. However, to be on the safe side, clarify this with
Your representative. Also, you do not have to provide any – neither electricity, water, bathroom or sewage dump nor wifi. If you want to, this is a bonus for our members that you can offer for a fee.

We target direct producers and restaurants because we want to support regional products and businesses. Whether vintner, farmer, lord of the castle or unique
Craft business does not matter – what is important is that you can offer your guests regional specialities, high-quality products or experiences. Because only in this way can you benefit yourself
from guest relations.

That suits you? How to become SWISS Host

Expectations of our hosts: What do I need to accomplish as a host if I want to host SWISS members?

Show your hospitable side, invite camping friends for an overnight stay, convince them of your products and profit from repeat purchases and word of mouth.

You will have to answer enquiries from interested guests and arrange suitable overnight appointments.
Members can find them and access information via their SWISS Host profile in our members area. Camper members will contact you directly by phone or email to see if you have room for an overnight stay. You can also clarify questions about hospitality or talk briefly about the business and what it has to offer. An appealing and meaningful profile of your business will lead to more interest from potential guests. Also remember that members can leave reviews about their stays.
Introduce yourself and show guests their pitch for the night.
After you have warmly welcomed your guests, please ask them to show you their SWISS Host ID card to certify their membership. Afterwards you only have to show your guests the parking space for the motorhome or camper, where the guests are allowed to stay for a maximum of 24 hours (unless you explicitly allow more). If you have decided to also offer infrastructure in the form of toilet, electricity, water for a fee, you should point this out to the guest.
Present your products in your own personal way.
You should draw attention to your regional products or services right at the beginning. Your offer is unique! Surely your specialties will delight the guests. If you wish, you can also share with visitors your daily life in the countryside and tell your story. Also, remember that an online store for your regional products could facilitate referrals, as well as repeat purchases, thus multiplying them.