Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about SWISS Hosts for you. You have not found what you are looking for? Simply write to us at: info@swiss-hosts.ch

General questions

Yes, SWISS Hosts is based on a concept that already works in Europe and overseas. Similar networks already exist in Western Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, Great Britain, Canada and America.
The international founding team of SWISS Hosts consists of Ivonne Moritz and Jorge Freitas. Both have years of experience in hospitality and tourism and are fascinated by travel (this probably doesn’t surprise you). They like to travel a lot: Ivonne in the van and Jorge as a passionate motorbike rider. As wine lovers and gourmets, you want to offer added value to both campers and hosts with SWISS Hosts. With the concept they promote regionality and connect people.

Membership questions

Membership allows you full access to the portal and contact with hosts. Your membership card is important for the hosts so they know who they are dealing with and no unwanted guests come onto the farm. SWISS Hosts uses the membership fees to maintain contact with the hosts, to continuously expand the network and thus to provide you with even more camping happiness.
Your membership is valid for one year after completion.

Your membership is only valid for one year and does not renew automatically. This gives you the opportunity to decide each year whether you wish to continue as a member of SWISS Hosts.

Each vehicle needs its own membership. When planning, please take into account the number of available pitches of the respective host.

Questions about the platform

The registration is important for you and your hosts: you know that the hosts are at home, that there is still a pitch available and that you are expected. By booking in advance, the hosts can prepare everything for you and plan accordingly.
If you do not reach your host even after several attempts, he or she is probably not available at the moment. You are sure to find a great alternative in the portal. If you have already registered and received confirmation but are faced with closed doors, please contact us on 0796909328.
In the portal you can rate your hosts and express your praise if you wish. Here you can also see the reviews of other guests.

Questions about the hosts

To become a host at SWISS Hosts, one to three pitches must be available. Furthermore, only regional businesses, e.g. a farm, a winery, a cheese dairy or a museum, can become hosts.
It all depends on the host. Most of you are happy to have visitors all year round. You will find the “opening hours” of your desired host in the portal.
The hosts share their home primarily out of passion: they like to give insights into country life and their farm. Just like you, hosts get to meet great new people through SWISS Hosts. Through your purchase or consumption and your positive travel reports, they also get a thank you back.
Of course, there is no obligation to buy. However, SWISS Hosts thrives on mutual respect. It is therefore a matter of course for us that guests show their appreciation for the free overnight stay by making a purchase from their hosts.

Questions about the pitches

Officially not, because other SWISS Hosts campers should also have the opportunity to get to know the Host. However, if your host invites you to stay for another night, you may of course stay.

The hosts are not official campsites. As farmers or regional producers, they offer pitches but not typical campsite services. Therefore, your motorhome must be equipped with indoor toilet and built-in waste water tank.
Our hosts offer pitches for one to three motorhomes or campervans.
As our hosts are not campsites, this is not possible. If you want to arrive with a roof tent, please consult your host beforehand.
Yes, however, we ask that you use it sparingly. Especially if you are parking near neighbours, the host or other campers, please only use it between 8am and 10pm.
Most hosts are primarily farmers, winegrowers or craftsmen and do not have the appropriate infrastructure at their disposal. As you are allowed to stand free of charge, please do not dispose of your grey water and rubbish at the hosts.
Normally this is not possible with hosts, as they are not campsite operators. Please fill up your water tank in advance, so you are on the safe side.
You have contacted the host of your choice, but they do not have any pitches available on your travel date? Just have a look around our portal, there are many more hosts looking forward to your visit. They all have very special pitches and experiences to offer. Take the opportunity to discover unknown regions of Switzerland.
That is for each host to decide. Most are happy to accept pets. Please always clarify this with your host beforehand.
As you always contact your host before your visit, you can also discuss the pitch size at the same time. Your host will let you know if your vehicle will fit on their lot and where you can park it.

We wish you wonderful camping pleasure and wonderful hours with our hosts.