Code of Conduct

SWISS Hosts builds on unforgettable moments and lasting memories. We want to give travelers the opportunity to experience unique moments on their RV trip through Switzerland.

Therefore, it is especially important to us that all our members, both campers and hosts, enjoy the good times together and have positive experiences. To ensure this, we have created a Code of Conduct that embodies everything that is important to us in our project.

We ask you attentively that as a traveler:r you abide by these rules and take them to heart. In case of serious violations, we reserve the right to terminate your membership irrevocably.

Your SWISS Hosts Team

Equipment suitable for camping

Your motorhome, camper or caravan should have the necessary facilities for camping and be equipped with its own indoor toilet and waste water tank.

The latter can be emptied at a disposal station with a marked disposal option. Also, you should be able to cook on your own in your camper. If you want to use a roof tent, please check with your host before your arrival if this is okay.


Good communication is important to us. Therefore, call your host in advance to arrange your arrival – no arrival is allowed without an agreement!

And if something changes in your plans, please let your host know in time. Even on the farm it is necessary to follow the rules of the host. Are you ever unsure about something, want to make a campfire or don’t know where to stand? Then ask again as a precaution, because the rules are different everywhere.


While traveling, keep in mind that arrival is only possible during the host’s business hours. You can find them on the respective profiles in our app.

Of course, you can also check with your host again via message if there are any problems with the arrival time. Please greet your host when you arrive and show your SWISS Hosts membership card. Proof of identity may also be requested from the host.

Show gratitude

Giving something back is the right way for us to show gratitude. By shopping at your host’s farm or participating in their recreational activities, you can return the favor for your unique pitch.

In return, you’ll receive fresh, regional delicacies while learning about idyllic country life behind the scenes. Hospitality is very important to the Swiss.

Respectful camping

Because we are all about togetherness, it is important to us that you take care of both your host family and your neighbors during your stay.

Therefore, limit disturbing noise such as loud music or generators before 8 am and after 10 pm. If you have your four-legged friend with you, you should check with your host beforehand whether he or she is allowed to roam freely on the estate.

Respectful camping also means that you leave your pitch after 24h at the latest to allow other campers to arrive.

Order & Safety

Just like a real campsite, you are allowed to stay on the private lands only in the areas assigned to you. And as is the case in the countryside, this can occasionally involve parking areas that are not 100% ground level.

During your stay, do not enter closed areas and do not just walk into your host’s house without being asked.

So that nothing happens to you and your fellow travelers, we ask you to always pay attention to your surroundings, as there are also many machines and equipment on the farm that can be dangerous.

A heart for the environment

We love our Switzerland the way it is – idyllic, natural and without garbage. Therefore, please take your trash back with you after each overnight stay and do not just leave any items in your host’s yard.

The pitch should be left clean, waste water disposed of regularly and generators used sparingly. This way, through sustainable camping, we can ensure that our environment is preserved as well.