The Swiss-Hosts Code of Conduct:

  1. Motorhomes are fully equipped. Tents are not allowed
  2. Guests always call hosts in advance to arrange a visit
  3. When a guest calls, he tells the host how big his vehicle is
  4. Arrival only during business hours. Unless the host authorizes a very early or late arrival.
  5. Guests show their SWISS Hosts membership card without being asked to do so.
  6. Guests make a purchase and show their appreciation for the overnight stay.
  7. Guests stay no longer than 24 hours
  8. Parking is only allowed in the specified areas
  9. Guests show consideration
  10. Guests remember that they are in special locations. Certain rules of conduct may apply at vineyards, cheese dairies, farms or historic properties.
  11. Visitors take all their rubbish away again