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With us you will find unique camper pitches

Enjoy local specialties & wake up happy in the middle of untouched nature.

With this membership you will discover over 60 hosts with more than 200 special pitches for your camper.

Far away from mass tourism, visit wineries, farms, breweries and regional restaurants for 24 hours for free - this could be your next holiday! As a thank you, consume to your heart's content and support our hosts.


SWISS Hosts - what is that?

Pleasure, idyll and conscious travel - that's what SWISS Hosts, the network of like-minded people, stands for. Campers are looking for unique experiences, regional specialities and exclusive insights into country life. Our hosts offer you all this with their "hospitality for one night".

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Requirements for Members

  • The overnight stay is free of charge. Members return the favor to their hosts by consuming to their heart's content, thus showing their appreciation.
  • Members' campers, vans and motor homes must be fully equipped.
  • Die meisten SWISS Hosts Gastgeber bieten gegen einen kleinen Obolus Zusatzleistungen wie Strom und Wasser an. Welche die zusätzliche Infrastruktur zur Verfügung stellen, sehen Sie im Portal auf der jeweiligen Gastgeberseite.
  • Tents are not allowed.

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Free camper pitches throughout Switzerland

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