Find out more about motorhome pitches in Switzerland

Find out more about motorhome pitches in Switzerland

Find out more about motorhome pitches in Switzerland🚐🌄

Switzerland, a true Eldorado for motorhome travelers, inspires with its breathtaking nature and picturesque towns. In the middle of this paradise, the numerous motorhome sites in Switzerland offer a wealth of first-class accommodation options.

For those who love the freedom of traveling while experiencing the beauty of nature, this article is your guide to discovering the best places for your mobile adventure.

Motorhome pitches Switzerland

Dream destination for motorhome trips in Switzerland 🗻

Switzerland is undoubtedly a dream destination for motorhome travel. With its incomparable nature, rich cultural influences and excellent infrastructure, the country offers an impressive variety of landscapes.

From the majestic peaks of the Alps to idyllic lakes, green valleys and charming villages – Switzerland has something for everyone. Additionally, for motorhome travelers, the well-maintained roads and excellent transport links are an added bonus, allowing travelers to move effortlessly from one stunning location to the next to experience the beauty of Switzerland in all its glory.

Motorhome-friendly infrastructure

Switzerland is not only scenically impressive, but also extremely motorhome-friendly. This is reflected in the large number of parking spaces, which are not only safe but also particularly attractive.

Picturesque routes through the mountains and along the lakes offer unique travel experiences. In winter in particular, Switzerland becomes a fairytale land when glistening snow and snow-covered mountain peaks create a magical atmosphere.

Motorhome pitches Switzerland

Motorhome pitches in Switzerland : The best places to stay 🌄

1. farms in the Emmental:

Experience the rural idyll on a farm in the Emmental. In addition to the picturesque surroundings, you can sample local produce straight from the farm. The fresh mountain air and warm hospitality make this accommodation an unforgettable experience.

2. wineries on Lake Geneva:

Park your motorhome among the vines and enjoy fine wines. The view of the lake and the perfect combination of nature and wine make this pitch a romantic experience for wine lovers and connoisseurs.

3rd brewery overnight stay in ski area:

Experience the brewing process, enjoy the picturesque mountain scenery and experience a harmonious combination of accommodation and the art of brewing. Skiing and beer enjoyment merge into an unforgettable experience.

4th wine and cheese tour in Ticino:

In Ticino, picturesque pitches in the vineyards and on the Alps provide a unique backdrop for your wine and cheese experiences. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, you will experience a relaxed atmosphere in a place where time seems to stand still. Immerse yourself in this culinary journey in Ticino!

5. pure enjoyment in Valais:

Valais, a true oasis for connoisseurs, has a wealth of inviting campsites to offer, set amidst picturesque vineyards and majestic mountain backdrops. For raclette lovers, this region promises not only alpine coziness, but also culinary highlights with delicious raclette and exquisite wine. Experience the beauty of this mountain landscape and immerse yourself in a gourmet experience in Valais!

Membership of SWISS Hosts for unique discoveries

These carefully selected motorhome stopovers in Switzerland promise unforgettable overnight experiences for every traveler. But that’s just the beginning!

With a unique SWISS Hosts membership, you can explore Switzerland even more intensively and discover new, exciting places. Find out more about our membership here.

Motorhome pitches Switzerland

Conclusion: Your mobile adventure in Switzerland starts here! 🚐

Switzerland offers everything for an unforgettable motorhome vacation. Whether you’re climbing the breathtaking Alps, exploring the picturesque lakes or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the mountain landscape – Switzerland has the right adventure for every taste.

Pack your motorhome and discover the beauty of Switzerland! 😉

Winter camping in Switzerland

Winter camping in Switzerland

Winter camping in Switzerland: discover the magic of the snowy landscape with SWISS Hosts

Winter in Switzerland is a time of magical snowy landscapes, glistening mountains and cozy evenings around the campfire. For outdoor enthusiasts and camping lovers, winter offers the perfect opportunity to experience nature in its tranquil splendor.

In this blog post, you can find out why winter camping in Switzerland is an unforgettable experience and how SWISS Hosts can make your trip even more memorable.

The beauty of winter camping in Switzerland

Winter camping in Switzerland

    Switzerland is a true wonderland in winter. The snow-covered Alps, frozen lakes and tranquil valleys create a breathtaking backdrop for adventure seekers. Here are some reasons why winter camping in Switzerland is so unique:

    1. snow fun: There are numerous winter activities in Switzerland, ranging from skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and tobogganing. If you are a winter camping enthusiast, you can enjoy all these activities right outside your motorhome door.

    2. seclusion and tranquillity: winter attracts fewer tourists to the Swiss mountains. This means that you often have the breathtaking nature all to yourself. The silence of the snow-covered landscape is an experience not to be missed.

    3. cozy atmosphere: Winter camping does not necessarily mean that you have to freeze. Modern motorhomes and camping equipment offer excellent insulation and heating systems that provide you with warm and cozy accommodation.

    4. starry nightsClear winter evenings in the mountains are perfect for stargazing. Far away from light pollution, they offer a breathtaking view of the starry sky.

    SWISS Hosts and winter camping

    SWISS Hosts is the ideal companion for winter camping adventures in Switzerland. As a member, you get access to a variety of unique pitches at local businesses, farms and breweries.

    In winter, these pitches offer a warm and inviting environment in which to relax after a day of activities. Here are some advantages of SWISS Hosts for winter campers:

    1. special pitches: SWISS Hosts offers secluded pitches that are far away from overcrowded campsites. Enjoy the peace and beauty of nature without the hustle and bustle.

    2. affordability: With a SWISS Hosts membership, you not only get access to parking spaces, but you also save money. Membership costs just CHF 47 and gives you 365 days of free accommodation on the pitches.

    3. regional cuisine: One of the highlights of SWISS Hosts is the opportunity to get to know Switzerland’s regional specialties. In winter, you can try local delicacies such as cheese fondue or raclette directly on the farm.

    4. authentic experiencesSWISS Hosts enables you to experience Switzerland from a completely new perspective. You will not only get to know the breathtaking landscape, but also the people who cultivate it. Swap stories around the campfire and learn more about authentic country life in Switzerland.


    Winter camping in Switzerland is an unforgettable adventure that combines the beauty of the snow-covered landscape, the tranquillity of the mountains and the cosiness of a campfire.

    SWISS Hosts complements this experience perfectly by offering you special pitches and authentic encounters with the local people. Get ready to discover the magic of the Swiss winter and experience a winter camping adventure like no other with SWISS Hosts.

    Remember that you can still experience the magical winter moments in Switzerland even if you don’t have your own camper.

    SWISS Hosts cooperates with various rental companies to ensure that you can experience the same unforgettable winter adventures. Our partners such as or offer a wide range of motorhomes for your travel needs. So you can easily immerse yourself in the winter atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of Switzerland in your own way.

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